All open RFPs and RFQs (selected) notices will be posted on NHGD website (RFQ/ RFQ) and Source Key. Suppliers are to refer to the individual RFP/RFQ notices for more details.

As a supplier, you will be able to access and respond to RFPs and selected RFQs online through the electronic sourcing platform, Source Key. This platform will provide RFP/ RFQ notifications and support the collections and submissions of RFP/ RFQ documents. SESAMi (S) Pte Ltd (SESAMi) has been appointed as our business partner for online sourcing.

RFP/RFQ Collections & Submissions

Only suppliers who have registered with SESAMi will be given a Login ID to download our RFP/RFQ documents and to submit their bids. (Please refer to details under Supplier Registration). Submission of bids will be done electronically via the Source Key portal supported by SESAMi.

Online payment of $30.00 (inclusive of GST) document fee is required for the download of the RFP document. The document fee is non-refundable.

Supplier Registration

To register as our supplier, please fill up the Supplier Registration Form and email the Form back to SESAMi at "sales-support@sesami.com". The first account registered will be at no cost.

For any enquiries on the Supplier Registration, please contact Ms Sharon Pauco from SESAMi (Email: sharon@sesami.com, Phone: 6302 5327) or Email to NHGD Procurement Department: procurement@diagnostics.nhg.com.sg.

Supplier Training

For Supplier Training sessions, you may book an appointment with SESAMi's Customer Care Department through the following link: http://sesami.simplybook.me/sheduler/manage.

Training sessions are conducted every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3PM. Maximum number of attendees per company is 2.

Terms & Conditions

The latest version of terms & conditions can be found here.

Whistle Blowing

Whistle Blowing for Procurement and Contractual matters, please click here.

Procurement Enquiry

For any procurement-related enquiry, please contact us at email: procurement@diagnostics.nhg.com.sg 

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