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General X-ray

General X-ray

General X-ray, also known as radiography, is a common type of diagnostic examination used to assess a part of the body. The imaging process is fast and painless, making X-ray imaging a safe and reliable tool for doctors to make diagnosis of bone and joint injury, and certain diseases such as arthritis.

Operating from a digital technology platform, our computerized Radiography (CR) system allows x-ray images to be captured digitally. Complete with central Picture Archive and Communication system (PACS) and Radiology Information System (RIS), clinicians can view patients' images online via the computer monitor. This filmless and digital system also negates the need for patients to carry films from one point to another.

As a pioneer of tele-radiology, all x-ray images are sent immediately to the reporting radiologists. The interpreted reports are available within 1 hour.

We provide four main categories of X-ray investigations:

Type of general x-ray investigation: 

Head & Neck

  1. Facial Bones / Orbits
  2. Nasal Bone (Lateral)
  3. Lateral Neck
  4. Mandible (Right / Left)
  5. Both Mandibles
  6. Mastoids
  7. Sinuses, Paranasal
  8. Skull (AP/ Lateral)
  9. Temporo-Mandibular Joint
  10. Cervical Spine (AP & Lat)
  11. Cervical Spine (Oblique)
  12. Cervical Spine (Flex / Ext)


Upper Limbs

  1. Clavicular Joint
  2. Clavicle (Right / Left)
  3. Both Clavicles
  4. Fingers (Right / Left)
  5. Hand (Right / Left)
  6. Both Hands
  7. Humerus (Right / Left)
  8. Both Humerus 
  9. Radius & Ulna (Right / Left)
  10. Both Radius & Ulna
  11. Elbow, Joint (Right / Left)
  12. Both Elbow Joints
  13. Shoulder/Scapular (Right / Left)
  14. Both Shoulder Joints
  15. Wrist Joint (Right / Left)
  16. Both Wrist Joints
  17. Scaphoid Views (Right / Left)
  18. Both Tibia & Fibula



  1. Abdomen (AP/Supine)
  2. Abdomen (erect/decubitus)
  3. Abdomen (lateral/oblique)
  4. Pelvis
  5. Chest (one view)
  6. Chest (lateral & PA)
  7. Chest (oblique & lateral)
  8. Chest (apical)
  9. Sacro-iliac Joints
  10. Sacrum
  11. Sternum
  12. Thoracic Spine (2 views)
  13. Thoracic Spine (obliques)
  14. Lumbar Spine (Flexion & Extension)
  15. Lumbosacral Spine (2 views)
  16. Lumbosacral Spine (obliques)
  17. Coccyx


Lower Limbs

  1. Ankle Joint (Right / Left)
  2. Both Ankle Joints
  3. Femur (Right / Left)
  4. Both Femurs
  5. Foot (Right / Left)
  6. Both Feet
  7. Toes (Right / Left)
  8. Calcaneum (Right / Left)
  9. Both Calcaneum
  10. Calcaneum (Lateral)
  11. Hip Joint (Right / Left)
  12. Both Hip Joints
  13. Knee Joint (Right / Left)
  14. Both Knee Joints
  15. Skyline View (One View)
  16. Knees (Standing)
  17. Tibia & Fibula (Right / Left)
  18. Both Tibia & Fibula


You will be guided to a changing room to change into a plain gown. All jewelry, metal objects and opaque clothes will need to be removed to prevent interference with the x-ray images.

The radiographer will position and adjust you against the machine or the imaging plate. You are required to maintain the position and stay still when the x-ray is activated. This is to ensure accuracy in results.

You may be required to wait for a while after the x-ray is performed, as the radiographer will look through the images to determine if more are required. 

No fasting or special preparation is required prior to the test.

On the day of your x-ray, please remember to bring your NRIC and X-ray request forms.

For Female Patients:

You will be asked on your last menstruation period by the radiographer and sign a Pregnancy Declaration to declare that you are not pregnant before proceeding with the examination.

Appointment for Private Patients

No prior appointment is needed for general x-ray services.

Your patient could walk in to any of NHG Diagnostics imaging centres with our X-ray Request Form or memorandum. Please tick on the request form your preferred mode of report collection.

Result Turnaround Time

  1. Self-Collection – Patient could collect the report within an hour
  2. Despatch to clinic – The report will be despatched to your clinic within 3 working days

Corporate Enquiries

For more information to engage our General X-ray services or open an account with us, please contact our Marketing Department at 6496 6633.


No prior appointment is needed for general X-ray services.

All X-ray require an X-ray Request Form or memorandum. Please bring it along for your X-ray appointment.

The Request Form or memorandum must be duly signed by a Medical Practitioner with the following information:

  • Name of referring doctor
  • Name, address and contact number of clinic

Result collection

  1. Self-collection – You can collect the report within an hour.
  2. Despatch to clinic – The report will be despatched to your clinic within 3 working days.


Payment can be made via Cash or NETS.

Other Information

For FAQs on General X-ray, click here.

Last Updated 03 April 2012
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