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Tele-radiology Reporting & Integration

Tele-radiology Reporting and Integration 

Tele-radiology is the electronic transmission of patient’s radiological images from one location to another for interpretation by radiologists. In 2005, NHG Diagnostics introduced tele-radiology to Singapore and pioneered the country’s explorations into the world of tele-medicine, which subsequently won the Merit Award at the National Infocomm Awards from the Infocomm Development Authority in 2006.

Through tele-radiology, we have access to multi-disciplinary radiology specialists around the clock, providing radiology reporting for a wide range of imaging modalities within an hour. Not only does it benefit our own centres, we also extended this support to other healthcare organisations wanting to improve their service delivery model and patient care to the next level.

Our Tele-radiology Network

 NHGD_map (2018b) 

 NHG Diagnostics implemented Digital X-rays with full implementation of a Radiology Information System (RIS), Picture Archival Communications System (PACS), and Computed Radiography (CR) at all its hospitals and primary care centres. This extensive network link has been established at 14 primary imaging sites; which includes the 12 polyclinics, community hospitals and private primary care providers, at 4 major hospitals and 4 radiologist reporting centres; 2 within NHG institution, 1 local private radiology provider and another off shore provider in India, Bangalore. This multiple centre set up ensures uninterrupted reporting service as images can be sent to any reporting centres with a click of a button versus relying on a single, point to point connection and reporting source. Images can be read by a large panel of qualified radiologist partners from various subspecialties around the clock.

We tap on this wide network and resource of the 4 reporting centres with access to a pool of more than 50 radiologists to allow digital x-ray images to be captured digitally at all our clients’ centres and transmitted to the radiologists at the respective reporting centre via secured network.

Safe, Secure and Quality Reporting

We emphasize on quality, patient safety, assurance of excellent clinical standards, security and privacy of patients’ data. Therefore in addition to a highly secured network, we have in place a stringent audit process. The audit process includes, perform double blind reporting for randomly selected x-ray examination, 6 monthly site audit to ensure that radiologists are reporting under optimal condition and providing a 3rd reporting for discordant read arising from feedbacks from both clinicians and patients.

We provide our patients with the highest quality diagnostic interpretations. Our radiologists are supported with advanced information systems and have access to cutting-edge technology such as voice recognition reporting and 5Mp high resolution monitors especially for mammography examination. Our international set-up and team of experienced specialists provide key infrastructure support promptly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, we have further enlarged the network by setting up a separate server for the purpose of tele-radiology. This server will be linked to a ‘central hub’ linking the 4 reporting centres. This additional technology and storage will allow for ease of integration from any party to facilitate tele-radiology reporting without compromising on security and confidentiality. That is, images and patients records from NHG institutions and external parties are kept separately and cross access are only available with special arrangements which are maintained strictly by the system or PACS administrators via password access and audit trial.

Our transmission link of images is two-way and real time, and meets the international security standard for healthcare information (HIPPA compliance).

Our tele-radiology services include the following:

  • Comprehensive range of radiological interpretation of plain films, CT and MRI
  • Expert second opinion services through our team of specialist radiologists
  • Time-efficient, 24-hour reporting services
  • Uninterrupted radiology reporting service with access to a large panel of sub-specialty radiologists
  • Fast report turnaround time of within 60 minutes for the operationally-critical departments as well as accident service and emergency departments 

For more information about our professional services, please contact our Business Development Department at 6496 6633 or askNHGD@diagnostics.nhg.com.sg.

Last Updated 19 June 2019
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