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Mobile and Portable Ultrasound

 Mobile US Vehicle 

The Portable and Mobile Ultrasound services were introduced in 2013 and 2016 respectively to support polyclinics, private centres and GPs that do not own any static unit to provide the service in-house. Depending on the needs of the healthcare partners, NHG Diagnostics sonographer either travels with the portable ultrasound equipment or on-board Mobile Ultrasound vehicle to deliver on-site ultrasound service in the clinics, providing convenience for patients and improving comprehensiveness of service for the referring clinics. 

Following are the various types of ultrasound offered: 

  •  Abdomen: HBS & Kidney/ UAB 
  •  Liver/ Gallbladder 
  •  Kidneys 
  •  Pelvis 
  •  Focus Ultrasound: Thyroid, Breast, Dating Scan 


  •   You will be positioned comfortably lying down on the scanning couch. The room may be darkened in order for the operator  to optimize visualization on the monitor. 
  •  A water-soluble gel will be applied over the area to be examined to optimize transmission of the sound waves through the body. 
  •  An ultrasound probe will be moved over the area under examination. 
  •  The entire examination is usually completed within half an hour. 


Before you come for any ultrasound examination, please follow below instructions: 

  •  Abdomen ultrasound –Do not eat or drink 6 hours before the examination. 
  •  Pelvic ultrasound – Full bladder is required. Drink at least 2 glasses of water 1 hour before the examination. Do not empty your bladder. 
  •  No preparation is required for other ultrasound examination. 

Doctor Information 

Prior appointment is needed for ultrasound services. To book an ultrasound appointment at: 

  •  Any of our imaging centres at the polyclinics, please contact 6-ASK-NHGD (6-275-6443) 
  •  Our imaging centre at Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, please contact 6454 8481. 

Result Turnaround Time 

The report will be despatched to your clinic within 5 working days. Critical report will be made available to referring doctor on the same day of scan. 

For more information to engage our Mobile/ Portable Ultrasound services, please contact us at 6496 6633.


Patient Information 

Prior appointment is needed for ultrasound services. 

All ultrasound tests require an X-ray Request Form or memorandum. Please bring it along for your ultrasound appointment. The Request Form or memorandum must be completed and duly signed by a Medical Practitioner with the following information: 

  •   Patient’s details 
  •  Name and MCR no. of referring doctor 
  •  Name, address and contact number of clinic 
  •  Type of u/s scan 

 Result Collection 

The report will be despatched to the clinic within 5 working days.  


Payment can be made via Cash or NETS. 


Last Updated 19 June 2019
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