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Mobile Community Health Centre

Mobile Community Health Centre 

The mobile Community Health Centre, also known as the mobile CHC is a project conceptualised and launched by National Healthcare Group (NHG) in 2014. Equipped with retinal photography equipment on-board, the mobile CHC is capable to screen patients with chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes) in communities nearer to their homes at affordable rates. It travels around Singapore and is located at the community centres, nursing homes on a fixed quarterly schedule. 

Services On-board  

Diabetic Retinal Photography 
Through this special photography, signs of damage to the retina (back of the eye) caused by diabetes can be detected earlier; avoiding further complications to the eye which might lead to blindness.
Diabetic Foot Screening 
With regular screening, problems in the feet resulting from diabetes can be picked up early. This helps to prevent complications to the feet which might lead to amputations.
Patient is required to present a doctor's referral letter prior to the screening. Appointment has to made at least 24 hours in advance and it can be made via:
  • Hotline: 9088 5562 
  • Email: chc@nhg.com.sg
No fasting or special preparation is required prior the test. 

Patient is required to present a doctor's referral letter prior to the screening. 

For Mobile CHC's schedule, click here. 

For Mobile CHC's location, click here 


Patients who have obtained an appointment for the on-board CHC services, have to bring along the following:
  1. NRIC
  2. Referral Form
  3. CHAS or Pioneer Generation Card (if any - to enjoy the subsidy)
  4. Spectacles (if any) 
Last Updated 29 March 2018